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Forging process

2015-7-31      View:
  1. Band saw cut raw materials, and workers grasp the size and weight of the forging part.
  2. Workers take the raw materials into the workshop, where equipment has been assembled and mould has been heated to 300 degrees Celsius.
  3. Add raw materials in order to the medium frequency furnace, and heat raw materials to1100 degrees Celsius.
  4. When the raw materials reach the temperature, take them out from the medium frequency furnace and then forge them by air hammer.
  5. When the forging parts forming, taking them out to the cutting edge equipment,then the excess waste will be cutting off.After that,quality inspectors are going to check all the size of the forging parts.Finally,volume production will be in progress if the checking results are without any problem.
  6. To make sure the forging parts can be processed, put them into the normalizing furnace.
  7. After normalizing transport parts to the cleaning workshop, then ready to clean and pick up. All have been finished, ready to ship.